Equipment Break下来 Coverage

What is Equipment Break下来 Coverage?

Equipment Break下来 coverage is available through your 房主 保险政策. Whether you are a renter or a high-value homeowner, we have your equipment 分解 exposures 覆盖.
“If it uses electric power, it is most likely subject to equipment 分解.” Often this equipment requires sophisticated diagnostic tools and skilled technicians to oversee a potential repair. Equipment Break下来 coverage protects you against unexpected repair or 更换 costs due to an electrical, mechanical or pressure systems 分解. Best of all, this additional coverage follows the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Off-前提 coverage 现在包含了. Coverage was previously limited to “Residence Premise” and now we’ve extended coverage for property that is away from the described 前提.

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During a family vacation, a storm caused 停电. 笔记本电脑 and cell phone were charging when the outage occurred. 当权力被 restored, a voltage spike damaged the items beyond repair and required their 更换. With the Off-Premises Coverage the homeowner would now be 覆盖!
Cost of Repairs: $3,750

A personal computer (PC) used to control multiple systems (HVAC, lighting and irrigation) within the home sustained electrical damage from 电涌. Replacement of the computer and the unique programming 需要.
Property Damage: $2,975


  • Clothes Washers and Dryers
  • Computer Equipment
  • 洗碗机
  • 冰柜
  • 热泵
  • 污水泵
  • 垃圾处置
  • 暖通空调系统
  • 安全系统
  • 冰箱
  • 微波
  • 烤箱
  • 环绕立体声
  • Swimming Pool Equipment
  • 电视
  • 热水器
  • 井泵

It covers what most homeowners insurance excludes.

Most homeowners policies don’t cover the cost of repairing or replacing essential equipment in your home when it breaks 下来. Extended warranties? They’re often expensive, hard to manage and usually cover just one piece of equipment. 但 房主 Equipment Break下来 Insurance offers a simple, comprehensive and affordable solution that covers what most homeowners policies exclude.

All your personal property and important systems are protected, even if you are away from your home.

Our 房主 Equipment Break下来 Insurance covers all of your important home systems and property due to loss by mechanical or electrical 分解. That includes appliances, heating and cooling systems, swimming pool equipment, water heaters, well pumps, garden tractors, home security systems, electrical systems, personal computers, home electronics 和更多的. Off-Premise Coverage is also included if a loss occurs to 覆盖 property while away from a 覆盖 location.

You’re protected if your home becomes uninhabitable.

房主 Equipment Break下来 Insurance even covers you if your home becomes uninhabitable due to equipment 分解. That’s another benefit most warranties and service contracts don’t offer.

No frustrating fine print.

Unlike limited and confusing warranties, 房主 Equipment Break下来 Insurance is simple and straightforward. There are no hidden exclusions and no confusing fine print. Submitting claims is simple too, so you can get your equipment repaired or replaced quickly.

Peace of mind when you need it most.

The following examples of actual claims show just how valuable 房主 Equipment Break下来 Insurance can be.

  • A gas fired boiler was leaking water. It was determined that the boiler’s low water fuel cut-off failed, causing the boiler 过热. The boiler could not be repaired due to its age, so 更换 was necessary. 后 deductible, their 房主 Equipment Break下来 Insurance paid them $5,200 to replace the boiler.
  • A 200 amp electrical panel overheated, causing an overload condition which damaged its six circuits. It was determined that the electrical panel needed to be replaced. 后 deductible, their 房主 Equipment Break下来 Insurance paid them $1,625 to replace the panel.

Talk to your insurance agent.

Your insurance representative can tell you more about all the advantages of 房主 Equipment Break下来 Insurance — including how affordable it is. Remember, sooner or later an important piece of equipment in your home is going to break 下来. Don’t leave yourself unprotected. Call your insurance representative today.

To learn more view our Interactive Tutorial.